MikroTik allows you to tailor the network to the unique needs of your business. Thanks to its cloud architecture, router management is possible from anywhere in the world, providing agility and readiness to respond to any changes.

Mikrotik 7 (CHR)
Mikrotik 6 (CHR)


The perfect solution for VPN and small workgroups.

  • CPU1 vCPU
  • Memory1 memory
  • Bandwidth50 Mbps/sec
  • Network1 IP address
  • Data CenterDatacenter:
  • Mikrotik
  • Trial licenseTrial license
5.00$ / month Purchase


A scalable solution for demanding network scenarios.

  • CPU2 vCPU
  • Memory1 memory
  • Bandwidth100 Mbps/sec
  • Network4 IP addresses
  • Data CenterDatacenter:
  • Mikrotik
  • Trial licenseTrial license
33.50$ / month Purchase


Designed to address complex tasks in network infrastructure.

  • CPU - + vCPU
  • Memory - + memory
  • Bandwidth - + Mbps/sec
  • Network - + IP addresses
  • Data CenterDatacenter:
  • Mikrotik
  • Trial licenseTrial license
0.01$ / month Purchase

Server provisioning takes about three minutes. After completion, you will receive an email with connection information.

To order additional server services, please contact us at support@cloud-mikrotik.com.

The cloud router offers a wide range of
features and capabilities

  • The service easily scales according to the growing needs of the business, ensuring harmonious development of the network infrastructure.
  • MikroTik equipment provides powerful security features, including firewall capabilities and built-in mechanisms for protection against DDoS attacks.
  • A wide range of configuration settings allows you to tailor the network to the unique requirements of the business, providing high flexibility in management.
  • MikroTik ensures efficient resource utilization and outstanding performance, especially under high network load conditions.
  • Routing and traffic management tools allow for optimizing network traffic usage, saving resources, and enhancing performance.
  • The ability to remotely manage MikroTik equipment provides flexibility and agility in responding to network changes from any location.
  • MikroTik supports fault tolerance mechanisms such as VRRP and Hot Standby, ensuring network reliability.
  • MikroTik provides extensive routing capabilities, including support for OSPF, BGP, and MPLS protocols.
  • MikroTik equipment actively supports IPv6, ensuring readiness to adopt the latest networking technologies.
  • The intuitive interface and user-friendly settings system make the installation and configuration process as simple as possible.
  • MikroTik provides tools for efficient network access management, controlling bandwidth and ensuring quality of service.
  • Integrated VPN support ensures secure remote connection to the network and data exchange.

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